Peak District, Derbyshire

Self catering accommodation for up to 50 people
in the heart of the Peak District

For further information contact Jeremy Holmes, Centre Manager, on 07845 641167

Football pitch

Main hall

General Notes and Regulations

The Rotary Centre is administered by a voluntary committee made up of members from the Rotary Club of Sheffield and is owned by The Sheffield Rotary Charity (a registered charity). Charges made for the use of the Rotary Centre go towards its maintenance and improvement.

The Rotary Centre consists of 4 buildings:

  1. A stone built two-storey dormitory block with 22 beds on each floor. 10 rooms have 4 bunk beds and 2 rooms have 2 bunk beds. On each floor there are toilets and showers. At the end of the ground floor there is a drying room. At the top of the stairs there is an 'adults only' shower room.
  2. A stone built refectory block, with a large hall/dining room and a fully fitted and equipped kitchen. There is also a separate scullery/washing up room with washing machine. Next to the kitchen there is a 2-bedded room complete with an en-suite shower room.
  3. A heritage wooden building, dating back to 1923, which has a large hall for indoor games. At one end there are two 2-bedded rooms (with no heating) with a separate shower and toilet room.

Parts of the properties are not available for your use. These include: all the rooms in the wooden stable block, the old toilet block at the rear of the heritage wooden building and the rooms at the east end of the heritage wooden building. The bedrooms at the west end of the heritage building are not to be used from 1st November until the end of March.

Please note there is a strict No Smoking or Vaping policy in or near any of the buildings - smoke detectors have been fitted in all the bedrooms.

The expression The Rotary Centre shall include all land and buildings listed above and forming part of The Rotary Centre and shall also include the surrounding land available for use by Hirers as described in these General Notes and Rules. The majority of the land (29 acres) is rented to the local farmer for grazing purposes but there are over 4 acres of land close to the Rotary Centre that can be used for playing games. Please note that all gates should be kept closed, especially the gate to the main compound.

The official address of the centre is: The Rotary Centre, Robinsland Lane, Castleton, Hope Valley, S33 8WB – Map 110 – grid reference 149 839 – please note that all communications are to be sent to the Centre Manager at the address stated at the bottom of this page.

The Hirer will restrict the number of people sleeping inside the Rotary Centre to a maximum of 50 people from April 1st to October 31st and a maximum of 46 people from 1st November until the end of March. The reason for this, is that the bedrooms in the wooden heritage building do not have any heating and the water is turned off during the winter.

A small amount of camping is permitted, within the fence line around the buildings. Campers are charged at the same rate as people staying indoors.

A weekend hire starts at 4:00pm on a Friday and you must vacate the property by no later than 3:00pm on the Sunday.

A week day hire starts from 10:00am on a Monday and you must vacate the property by no later than 2:30pm on a Friday.

This allows for enough time for a 'changeover' between groups. If you wish to use the property outside these times, then there will be an extra charge which will be agreed in advance with the Centre Manager.

You are to complete the booking form and provide a non-returnable deposit of £200.00 to the Centre Manager to secure a booking. A confirmation of your booking will then be sent to you. Please note, if you cancel within 4 weeks prior to the booked dates then you will have to pay a cancellation charge of £200.00.

A minimum of 7 days before your stay you are to supply a list of names and addresses of all the people staying at the Rotary Centre. This is part of the fire insurance cover. If your GDPR policy is too strict and you are unable to supply a list, then you must have one at the Centre with you and preferably in a vehicle in the car park, and all adults need to know where it is. We will not use these addresses for any other purpose and it will only be seen by the Centre Manager. It will then be shredded/destroyed within 48 hours of your stay.

Hirers are not allowed to have any visitors (ie. not on the above mentioned list) who stay on the premises overnight.

During your stay you are required to keep the buildings and surrounding compound clean and tidy. At the end of your stay, you are required to leave the premises in a clean state ready for the next group to arrive. Details of the cleaning requirements required for you to carry out before you leave will be given to you when you are met at the centre at the commencement of your stay. If the building is left dirty and extra cleaning time has to be allocated by us, then an extra charge of £75.00 per hour (a minimum of 1 hour's charge) will be added to the invoice.

Details of the fire instructions will also be given to you at the commencement of your stay. One person is to be appointed the Fire Safety Officer. Should the fire alarm in any building sound, all the buildings must be evacuated immediately. The fire safety officer must carry out a roll call to check that everybody is out of the buildings. Everybody must gather at the fire assembly point which is in the sports field. The fire safety officer must carry out a visual check of all the buildings to see if there is a fire. The fire safety officer must not put himself or herself at risk and must not enter the buildings until it is safe to do so. No one must re-enter the buildings without the approval of the fire safety officer. Although the fire alarms will 'ring' they are not connected to the Fire Station so you will then need to ring 999.

Excessive use of deodorant spray in the bedrooms will set off the fire alarms so please advise your group that they must be careful. If the system can not be re-set (by the instructions on or at each control panel) then there will be a charge of £90.00 to pay for the call out of the alarm providers.

Please inform all the members of your group not to sit on, stand on or cover the radiators in the bedrooms. Any damage to the covers will result in a charge of £250.00 per cover.

In line with the Peak District guidance, we do not allow fires, BBQ’s or any naked flames (ie. candles) of any kind due to the fire risk.

Coaches are not able to get up the gravel lane to the Rotary Centre but minibuses, vans and cars can drive up the lane (at owner's risk). In fact, coaches should not go up Millbridge, due to there being no turning facility. Coaches must park in the coach park in the car park in the village and passengers will have to walk up the lane from/to there (this is approximately 1/2 mile).

Please note there is a speed limit on the gravel lane up to the Centre of 15mph, as this is a popular route for walkers and it is only a single-track lane.

There is a children's climbing frame between the buildings, please note; "It is the responsibility of hirers to ensure that children using the climbing frame are adequately supervised at all times. The frame is unsuitable for children under 5 years of age and for use with anyone with back injuries, suffers from a heart condition, or who is or may be pregnant. If there is any damage to the frame apparatus, the damage should be reported as soon as possible and in the meantime, the frame should not be used".

There is no landline phone at the Centre. Mobile signal is good or you can use the WiFi to send messages, calls etc.

The Centre has satellite WiFi with either 5G or 2G. The code number to connect to this is pinned up on the noticeboard in the kitchen.

Extra background heating is available in the main/dining room block and the wooden pavilion hall (via a meter in each hall taking £1 and £2 coins).

The water heating and the radiators are set to come off and go on at standard times – see notices – if you alter the settings or the timings there will be a call-out charge of £90.00 to cover the engineer to re-set the system.

Toilet rolls are provided.

The beds have mattresses with no covers, so you need to bring your own pillows, sleeping bags, blankets, bottom sheet, etc.

The kitchen is well stocked with pots, pans and utensils. The scullery is fully equipped with enough crockery and cutlery for 50 people.

You need to bring your own tea-towels, washing up liquid, etc.

The Centre has a TV licence but there is no TV available. Most groups now bring a laptop and a projector to show films etc. and there is a wall-mounted white screen at the end of the main hall/dining room.

Please report any breakages, loss or damage at the end of your stay by either informing us or writing it down on the check-out form. Please note any breakages, loss or damage must be paid for by the Hirer.

You are to ensure that all buildings are securely locked whenever your party is out. This is your responsibility.

Pets are not allowed at the Rotary Centre, apart from official Guide Dogs. The faeces of any guide dog must be disposed of immediately. In the event of a guide dog being on the premises the Centre Manager must be informed.

Waste must be disposed of in the provided black liners and put in the large green bins at the top of the car park, ensuring that the lids on the bins are closed. Waste collections are made each Monday morning.

Caravans and campervans are not permitted at the Rotary Centre, unless prior permission has been given by the Centre Manager. They must be parked in the car park area. No vehicles are allowed on the grass.

Notice boards are provided in the refectory block and drawing pins are provided. Please do not use Blue Tac on the breeze block walls. Please do not drive nails into any walls or woodwork; any maps, banners or fittings placed on the walls by the Rotary Club must not be removed.

We enjoy excellent relationships with the village of Castleton. Hirers should preserve this goodwill. Please always use the path and road to and from the village and at the request of the Parish Council do not use the Recreation Ground.

Do not cross any fields except when using designated public rights of way and footpaths and please abide by the Countryside Code.

Please keep noise levels to a minimum between 11.00pm and 7.00am.

The Sheffield Rotary Charity reserves the right to cancel any booking and to terminate any letting for any unreasonable or immoral conduct, or for any breach of the rules as set out herein or otherwise notified to the Hirer.

Use of the Rotary Centre is entirely at the Hirer's risk and neither The Rotary Club of Sheffield nor The Sheffield Rotary Charity accept any responsibility for the loss or damage sustained by any user or users of the Rotary Centre, or by any visitors' guests or invitees. The Hirer agrees to indemnify the Rotary Club of Sheffield and the Sheffield Rotary Charity against all legal liability in respect of loss, injury or damage caused to any person or property of the Rotary Centre premises during the period of the booking and arising out of the booking, whether arising by accident or by the negligent or other act of the Hirer or anyone at the Rotary Centre with the acquiescence or consent (express or implied) of the Hirer. Hirers are advised to take out their own insurance.

The following uses and activities are prohibited at the Centre:

Please note that the activities listed in the attached sheet provided by Ansvar Insurance are excluded from the Centre's insurance ("Excluded Activities") and it is a condition of hire of the Centre that Hirers obtain their own insurance if they or any guests visitors and invitees wish to undertake any of the Excluded Activities at the Centre (in so far as they are permitted) or ensure that any third party supplier has adequate insurance cover for the Excluded Activities.

Without prejudice to the foregoing, if the Hirer is using any third party supplier (i.e. marquee, catering, professional activity supplier etc.), it is your responsibility that you ensure they have adequate insurance cover for your party. Their items are not covered by the Centre’s insurance.


The Hirer and all persons in the hirer's party will vacate The Rotary Centre at the end of the hire period, leaving the Rotary Centre in a fit and proper condition, and in all respects as it was found at the commencement of the period of hiring. You are to complete and sign the 'cleaning requirement sheet' and return this at the end of your stay.

All charges must be paid in full within 7 days of the date of the invoice, without any deduction or set off. We reserve the right to charge interest at 2% per month on any sums that are not paid within 7 days of the date of the invoice from the date that payment falls due until the date of actual payment.

The Centre Manager:

Rotarian Jeremy Holmes

Booking line 07845 641167

Please Note: If the Centre is not left clean and tidy - as per the cleaning instructions sheet that you will be given on your arrival - you will be charged £75.00 per hour for our people to clean and there will be a minimum charge of £75.00.

Excessive use of deodorant spray in the bedrooms will set off the fire alarms! There is a call-out charge of £90.00 if the alarms cannot be re-set.

Please advise all users not to sit on, stand on or cover the radiators. Any damage to the covers will result in a charge of £250.00 per cover.

Please see our Ansvar endorsements.

The Rotary Centre is 18 miles from Sheffield and 25 miles from Manchester. It is easily accessible from all over the UK, being only 40 minutes from both the M1 and the M6.

The postcode for SatNav is S33 8WB - but this will take you to a nearby farm some three fields away so please use the instructions below once you get into the village:

From Sheffield: Enter the village, turn right into Millbridge and continue ahead, the road forks in front of you, take the right fork and you will see the Rotary sign at the bottom of the gravel lane to the Centre.

The Centre is owned and operated by The Sheffield Rotary Charity (a registered charity No. 225487) with the management team made up from members of the Rotary Club of Sheffield.

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